What Kills Reform, Change, and Ideas.

What do you believe in? How do you push change? How do you contribute? The liars who don a mask of righteousness will say “I spread my ideas whenever I can and reach out to address problems in my community”, but the honest will say “I hope someone else will speak out against the norm for me, I can’t be bothered to be uncomfortable”. However don’t worry, one highlight of our human consciousness is invoking change. As new problems rise, new speakers and reformers do too, but so do the people whom are the lifeblood of that change.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, change is not embodied in a single person, nor is it a star we can simply wish upon. When I look upon the people of not just our country, but our entire species as well, I see millions of ideas developing in the wombs of craniums, waiting for it’s first gasp of air and cry of affirmation. However, as if aborting a perfectly healthy child, we do the same to these ideas. We never give them a chance to flourish, to be molded and eventually become the sculpture. We kill them maybe out of ideas of “Who am I? Just one person, so I shall cross my fingers and hope for someone braver than I to follow” or possibly “No one will listen anyway, and I’m not going to be bothered making myself uncomfortable out of the interest for my kin because I have so many better things to do like binge cheap food and entertainment.” It can even reach to “ I do enough by spreading my ideas on the internet, I track down people who don’t believe what I do and I tell them what’s wrong with them rather than what light our movement could bring into the world. What more could I do, take a look at all of the digital 1s and 0s sent to me telling me I’m right!”.

How can we expect to spark reform that breaks the form of other’s feel good worlds when were unwilling to break ours. Nothing can be created without anything being destroyed; nothing can be made out of thin air. We all need to rise up, out of our bitter emotions, our bitter pasts, our vile hatred and speak with a voice of reason. If we all want to be treated like we have thoughts work hearing we have to pay the same respect to others. We can’t shamefully destroy a system while expecting the new one to be held with the utmost respect. We can’t expect to be allowed our voices to reach the condescending forces that control our lives if we cut out the tongues of those whose voices try to reach our presence. If we want to see reform, change, and the birth of ideas then we all need to get up and fight for it. If you want change but won’t work for it, how do you expect it to happen?

Look around you, how many other people do you think have the same mentality. Yes, support the individual, but understand that we are hardly different from one another, and if we have this desire for change then others must too. We have to work together wielding the weapons that have slain this problem that has taken many shapes over the course of time. We need to work as one. After all, what good is a perfect being without a beating heart and rich blood?